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Let yourself be carried to maturity

15 years of expertise in Investment Grade & High Yield funds to serve your investments



R-co Target 2027 HY

Assets under management: 69 M€
Gross actuarial yield: 6 %
Maturity Average: 3,6 years
SRI risk: 3/7
Maturity: 31/12/2027
Subscription deadline: 31/12/2024

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R-co Target 2029 IG

Assets under management: 197 M€
Gross actuarial yield: 4,3 %
Maturity Average: 5,0 years
SRI risk: 2/7
Maturity: 31/12/2029
Subscription deadline: 31/12/2024

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Source : Rothschild & Co Asset Management : 8/01/2024 

Our expertise

A pioneer in the distribution of maturity funds, we have been developing our expertise in this type of investment solution since 2008, through which we have managed over €3 billion. We offer pure strategies, with no perpetual bonds, in the Investment Grade and High Yield segments.

Key features

A maturity fund is based on a relatively simple strategy: select securities from the bond markets and hold them until maturity (buy & hold). These funds have a limited lifespan, which is specified when they are created, hence the name "maturity fund". They are also marketed over a limited period.
There are three phases to managing this type of strategy:

01. Launch of the fund

Setting a target yield and building a fixed income portfolio with a maturity corresponding to the life of the fund through purchases on the primary and secondary markets.

02. Portfolio management

Monitoring portfolio lines and optimising the risk/return profile while maintaining the target maturity date. Reinvestment of coupons (for accumulation units).

03. Deadline

Reinvestment of maturing bonds in money market products until the fund is liquidated on the scheduled date.

What are the benefits of a target date fund?

"Classic" bond fund



Maturity funds

Visibility through fixed maturity


Reducing risk over time*

Fixed maturity


Obligation unique

Visibility through fixed maturity

Reducing risk over time*

Fixed maturity


*Higher credit risk for High Yield securities due to higher default rate risk



Our dedicated team

Kristell Agaësse

Emmanuel Petit

Head of fixed income


Kristell Agaësse

Kristell Agaësse

Head of High Yield & Convertibles Management 


Philippe Lomné​

Philippe Lomné​

Specialised Bond Manager: IG Credit & Crossover


Julien Boy​;​

Julien Boy​​

Specialised Bond Manager: Government bonds & Inflation


Michael Longeard​​;​

Michael Longeard​​​​

Bond manager specialisation: High Yield & Convertibles


Nicolas Racaud​​;​

Nicolas Racaud

Specialised Bond Manager: IG Credit, Crossover & ESG Funds​


Yann Roux​;​

Yann Roux​

Specialised Bond Manager: Money Market & Short-Term Credit


Henry Ndong​​;​

Henry Ndong​​

Head of Credit Analysis


Jérôme Loire​​​;​

Jérôme Loire​​​

Credit Analyst


Mirthula Pirapakaran​​​;​

Mirthula Pirapakaran​​​​

Credit Analyst


Natally Loaiza Santamaria​​​;​

Natally Loaiza Santamaria​​​​

ESG Analyst