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Tailor-made investment solutions, adapted to your needs

Developing innovative solutions adapted to your needs is our priority. To achieve this, our offer is based on three pillars: open architecture, profiled and customized investment solutions and our Essor managed account platform.

Over 20 years of open architecture experience

we are recognised as one of the pioneers of open architecture fund allocation and selection. Our dedicated teams design innovative solutions integrating our expertise in fund research and fund related advisory, consultancy to portfolio managers, investment management advisory. Our strategy is based on four strong principles : a rigorous Open Architecture, the search of excellence, an active portfolio management and a robust risk management.

  Our management principles

A rigorous Open Architecture

We are committed to a continuous process of identifying and selecting managers that we consider to be the most expert and complementary in the various asset classes and in the world's major financial centers, with total independence from our in-house expertise.

Search for excellence

There are very few managers who manage to generate consistent performance over time, whether they are part of leading institutions or small boutiques. We want to provide access to those we consider to be the best in their field of expertise. To achieve this, our teams rely on a particularly rigorous selection process, but also on the resources and international network of the Rothschild & Co group.

Active portfolio management

Because defining a relevant asset allocation remains a key factor, combining complementary strategies and managers provides the diversification that is essential to portfolio construction. Thanks to our in-depth macroeconomic analysis and our selection of managers, we are able to identify strategies that make the most of different market configurations.

Robust risk management

In order to preserve our clients' wealth, our approach is to assess the risk of loss before embarking on a stubborn quest for return. We seek to identify the optimal entry points in terms of valuation levels and return prospects.