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A sustainable approach to performance

For more than ten years, our approach to sustainability has been built in line with our DNA as conviction-based asset managers, in the service of creating value for our clients. Three principles guide our investment decisions: integration, transition and inclusion.


ESG and financial issues placed at the same level of the investment decision process.



Supporting the economic actors in a dynamic of transition, whatever their sector (except regulatory exclusions).



Contribute to a socially acceptable transition to a more inclusive economy

97 % of our open-end funds are classified SFDR Articles 8 and 9
100 % of ESG integration in our assets under management
100 % of our assets covered by an ESG analysis

An approach initiated more than 10 years ago


Member of 1% for the planet

Publication of our NZAM objectives

Publication of fossil fuel investment principles

FIR "Say on Climate" forum

New biodiversity data provider

(Carbon4 Finance & CDC)

Involvement in the Finance for Tomorrow

working group dedicated to biodiversity

Participation in the 2DII and ADEME

working group on financial products

environmental communications


Member of Finance for Tomorrow’s

Member of Investors for a Just Transition coalition

Member of the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative,

New ESG data providers (Carbon4 Finance & EthiFinance)

Partnerships with Polar Pod and Café Joyeux

96% of AuM in open-ended funds classified SFDR Articles 8 and 9

86% in AMF Categories 1 & 2

10 labelled funds, including 2 funds of funds

Adoption of a Responsible Investment Group roadmap

Establishment of Thermal Coal investment principales at group level



Launch of the R-co 4Change product range

"Climate Action 100+" partnership

Creation of a Responsible Investment committee at Groupe level


"Low carbon" institutional mandate

Change of non-financial data provider

The Group becomes a signatory of the CDP



Simulation of the carbon trajectory of our portfolios and development of a carbon intensity calculation tool

Development of an ESG Rating tool for portfolios



UNPRI signatory (A+)

Set-up for a voting policy (ISS)

ESG integration within our range

Our approach is based on two complementary pillars: the integration of ESG criteria in our financial analyses and an active engagement policy

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